Monday, July 23, 2018

July 23 letters

To Mom:

We started teaching a really nice investigator named Z.  We taught her on Tuesday the restoration and then we came back on Thursday to teach her again and we asked her what she remembered and she said "I remember that Joseph Smith was called to bring back the true church that everyone is supposed to go to because all the other churches are wrong and God showed him the Book of Mormon to prove to everyone that he's a true prophet"  I thought that was pretty good for one lesson hahaha!  She's awesome and she'll get baptized for sure. Her husband is a business man and is gone all the time and she has 4 children.  Hopefully we'll start with her and work our way to the rest of the family.  We're teaching her sister, N as well, and I'm sure she'll get baptized too.  We're trying to work on N's husband right now.  If both of those families get baptized that would be so amazing.

We were disappointed at church though because nobody came.  

We have 2 new greenies in our zone which is really nice.  One of them is from Brazil and he doesn't speak very much English shame hahaha he loves Elder Dos Santos though and he's helping him learn English.

Things are going great though and we're working really hard.  This week is my last zone conference.  

To Dad:

My trunkiness is fine I'm not thinking about it at all really I'm just doing the work.  Our area is pretty exciting for me right now so that's helping a lot. 

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