Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 23 letter to Mom

 I guess I'm a man now.  Even the Xhosa ladies here keep saying to me "uyindoda"  "you are a man" now since I'm 20 hahaha so I can't play around so much anymore.  I'm glad you liked the video.   I'm glad you liked that I realize that I've been probably the worst missionary in the world about sending pictures home, but the truth is my camera has been dead for like 4 months because I didn't even come with a charger for it.  I'm planning to buy one soon though and repent.  Maybe even today?

I'm happy for the money that is being sent. thanks a lot.  It's a big shame though:  About 3 months ago the president of South Africa was Jacob Zuma who was really corrupt and destroying the economy and the rand to the dollar was aweful.  It was like 15 rand to the dollar.  But after being the president for 9 years and almost done with his second term (a term in South Africa is 5 years and they can only serve for 2) almost randomly out of nowhere they kicked him out of office, and elected a new guy Cyril Ramaphosa to be the new president.  That sounds really corrupt to me because there's about 3 major parties that all run for the election, but the ANC just slyly put their guy in office right before the actual election next year, so that they have a much better chance of winning the election.  it seems very corrupt to me but no problem.  Anyway Cyril Ramaphosa is a big multi millionaire businessman and he's not really corrupt, so he's going to be a great president.  The reason I told you all of that is because now that he is the president the rand to the dollar has dropped like crazy to be about 11 rand to the dollar and now I don't get nearly as much money for every dollar you send me.  And I think it's only going to drop more.  That's sad, but I'm just going to withdraw the rest of the money and keep it for the rest of my mission.  

Yeah this week was nice I was just in my area every day so that was nice.  also President Lebethoa is introducing a change to the transfers, whereby we're going to be doing them by bus now so instead of driving down to East London and meeting up with all the missionaries from the 2 zones there, we're just going to stay in Queenstown and the new missionaries are going to come directly here.  It's nice because we don't have to take 2 days out of our schedule to go to East London, but actually I'm pretty dissappointed about it.  Instead of seeing some of the other guys once every 6 weeks, there's now literally no way to see any other missionaries unless they get transferred to the Queenstown zone.  I feel a lot more isolated out here now.  

This week is transfers on Wednesday.  When President came to Queenstown for zone conference I told him I had a suggestion for him about transfers.  I asked if he could bring Elder Mabanga to this zone so that I could have all 3 of my sons in my zone with me.  Obviously I was joking and it was a long shot anyway because Elder Mabanga is only finishing his second transfer in Zwide so he's not supposed to leave there anyway.  

Well Elder Mabanga is coming to Queenstown zone so I'm way surprised and happy about that.  I'm laughing though, because I should have had my 3 sons with me here, but Elder Reedy also got a surprise early transfer to Cape Town to be the AP so I guess no family reunion for me.  Maybe when I see President again I'll ask him to bring Elder Reedy back. 

I'm stoked to have Elder Mabanga here though, He's been one of my favorite companions.  
Next week we're having a mission tour from Elder S Mark Palmer of the seventy, who is our area president.  I'm really stoked and excited about that.  Queenstown zone is the only zone that has it's own zone conference.  All the other zone's combine, so it should be pretty cool to have a smaller training from Elder Palmer.  It will feel more individualized since there's only 12 of us.  
Otherwise this week has been pretty basic.  I'm staying with Elder Allred. We're starting to really work things out and work well together so I'm glad to have another transfer with him.  

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