Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 1 letter (a day late)

To Mom:

I forgot to tell you that this week our P Day is on Tuesday because we had an MLC with Elder Palmer on Monday.  It was really cool and he shared some cool stuff.  It's kind of weird doing MLC though because we have to skype in and that takes away a lot of the benefit, but it was still interesting and Elder Palmer said some really cool stuff.  He mentioned something Elder Renlund told him when he first became a general authority that I thought was particularly powerful so I'll share that next week.  I don't really have time today because they changed our P Day to a public holiday and all the internet shops are closed so I only have like 20 minutes on the Senior Couples computer.  I think that Elder Palmer is actually going to come and inspect our boarding in a few minutes so that's good because we spent about 7 hours cleaning it hahaha. 

I had lots I wanted to say but I think I'm going to leave it at this for this week and I'll send more next week.  

Oh yeah... because of time, pictures will come next week

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