Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3 letters

To Mom:
This past week was pretty cool.  We have some really cool investigators.  Everyone wants to be baptized.  We have this group of a bunch of 12 year old kids that we teach every Saturday.  They come to church every week and we just basically do administration work to get them baptized as fast as we can it's kind of funny.  We have this lady that is really cool.  Her husband is out in the military for 6 months and he's a pastor in their church, so we didn't rush her into being taught.  But basically we gave her a Book of Mormon and she reads it every day and her husband called her and told her not to read it and that it's bad and she should stay away from it but she said basically "I love this book and it speaks the truth"  It was pretty cool.  She probably won't be baptized for a while but she came to conference and she seems like she really has a seed in her heart and it's growing in her.  

Me and Elder Greengrass were so stoked for Conference.  It was like Christmas we were so excited.  And it was way awesome.  I also emailed this to dad but I just couldn't get over how cool Elder Christopherson's talk was.  It was awesome.  What was your favorite talk?

If there is one thing I've learned on mission it's the importance of studying the gospel.  I really truly believe that in order to be as converted as the Lord wants you to be you must read the scriptures every single day and really delve into them.  

Do you guys not think it's cool that I'm learning Xhosa?  Man I think it's so cool how come you haven't said anything about it :( haha :)

To Dad:
Yeah there's a cool lake at the bottom of the valley but we haven't been down there yet.  The whole area is like that really green wooded hills it's really beautiful especially at sunset which is like 5 pm.  My companion is from England.  I really didn't say that?  Yeah he is from Bournemoth he's really cool.  

Yeah we watched conference on Saturday and Sunday besides Sunday afternoon like I said.  Me and Elder Greengrass were so excited it was like Christmas.  We watched it at the chapel with the ward.  I was obsessed with Elder Christophersons talk.  I was freaking out about it all weekend haha it was kind of funny but it was a way good talk.  President Nelson's talk was also amazing I thought it was very good as well.  Those were my favorite.  Yeah Cape Town is a nice modern city it's really cool it's definitely first world.  East London is also definitely first world.  Cape Town is really beautiful though but I actually like Mdantsane better.  

Yeah we have played just a little bit of soccer here.  The elders here and the people here are actually really good so they haven't thought I was anything too amazing.  They all thought I was really good though.  We played soccer with the ward last friday but they were super good.  It was a lot of fun though.

Me and my companion work very hard.  He says I'm tiring him out although I don't think it's really that hard because we drive everywhere so it's not like we're exhausted at the end of the day.  Yes my companion has to bug me to get me up often but lately I've been getting my self up kind of a couple of times so there's hope for me maybe.  We'll see that would be cool.

This is kind of what a wedding looks like.  Pretty much every person in a 10 mile radius just flocks to all weddings and then they all just run around in the street and basically parade down the road singing African cultural songs in Xhosa and dancing.  It's pretty insane but it's cool.  apparently the same thing happens at funerals too which is kind of weird.

Tthis kid is called King.  He's pretty dope I think he's being baptized on the 15th.

me and Elder Greengrass and Achuma who is a recent convert who comes fellowshipping with us about every day.

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