Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10 letter to Mom

Achuma is teaching us Xhosa but the clicks are really hard.  There's lots of different clicks but the one Kyle was talking about was probably the q click which is really cool and really hard to figure out and yes I can do it. 
Xhosa is really hard though and I'm hoping for the gift of tongues.  Literally

I attached a picture of me with a bunch of kids.  Kids absolutely love white people here especially me haha.  Every time we go anywhere they pretty much mob us and yell "Umlungu Umlungu" which means white person.  Haha and they just mob us.  They're always fascinated with my hair and my arm hair and my watch, but I love them so much.

So basically to fill you in on some stuff
Me and My companion live with 2 other elders in a boarding (apartment), Elder Palmer and Elder Kakezwa.  The boarding is pretty nice and we have all the amenities of an apartment back at home.  It's actually probably bigger than what I'll live in at college.  Just about every companionship has their own car so we just keep to ourselves most of the time.  We do service every couple weeks though and we usually take other elders.  Usually if we do service or do stuff on p days we take Elder Mei who is a cool guy from Fiji and one of my favorite missionaries, and Elder Kraftner I think I told you about Elder Kraftner.  He's from England and he's actually from Elder Greengrass' stake, but he was my homie in the mtc.  And We also take Elder Nkosi who is my homie, he's from Joburg and Nkosi means King in Xhosa so he's pretty sick.  and his companion is Elder Ondraceck who was my first companion in the mtc and definitely my homie.  So those are basically my best friends right now.  
There's 3 wards in Mdantsane and we are in ward 3.  The other 2 wards have 2 sets of missionaries but my ward only has me and Elder Greengrass.  Our ward is super cool though.

I should tell you about dogs.  They mob around the streets and just attack people.  There is like a billion of them and they're vicious.  They are definitely not friendly.  They don't actually attack black people though and we are the only 2 white people in all of Mdantsane so that means they just attack us.  they're scary.

Driving is kind of insane here.  We drive on the left side of the road so that's weird and it really took a while to get used to.  But basically there is no speed limit anywhere and it's all 1 lane roads but if you want to pass someone there's enough space in the middle of the road so that you can just pass anyone whenever you want and the people coming the other direction will just move aside a little bit for you haha it's crazy.

Also don't worry about me gaining weight.  We don't work very hard because we drive everywhere but me and my companion run most days.  Also we are so poor.  We literally have so little money that we can't afford to cook normal food.  I am dead serious when I say all I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner is toast with jam and an apple.  that is literally all I can afford.  haha and we eat at McDonalds once or twice a week which costs about 3 dollars for a full meal it's pretty dope. 
I need recipes though

On Saturday 8 people are getting baptized but 3 of them are children of record.  We're baptizing this super powerful guy called Abulele who I told you about.  He's one of my favorite guys.  He's really caught the fire of the gospel.  We asked him if he'd ever thought about serving a mission and he said how long is it and we said 2 years and he said only 2 years?  haha we thought that was funny but I bet he'll go on a mission.  He's 22.  
Another guy we're baptizing is called Jackie and he's an albino.  He's a black guy with like super white skin it's pretty crazy.  

So here is the coolest story of my mission maybe which happened last week:
We have been teaching this woman called N for a couple weeks.  We taught her the restoration and the book of mormon and the plan of salvation up to this point.  So we went to teach her last week the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we knew she's been reading the book of mormon and she came to church and she's been getting a pretty strong testimony.  Well we had invited her to be baptized when we taught her the restoration but she said no because her husband was a preacher and he was away for military duty.  So anyway we decided to invite her to be baptized again because she now had a testimony and she said no again.  And we were trying to figure out why and she said well my husband and we were like oh yeah he's a preacher and she said "No he's the president of the hope of Christ ministries church in South Africa."  and we were like no way that's nuts! Her husband was literally the president of the entire church it was crazy.  But then she said I don't know what to do.  she had the Book of Mormon in her hand and she was like "This book is true, but I don't know what to do,  we can't join another church but this book is true."  and so we basically told her to put her trust in the lord and as she grew in faith and knowledge the lord would help her out.  It was way cool.  Apparently she had told her husband about the book and he said don't read it they're trying to take you from the church don't read the book and she said no I love the book it's the truth I'm going to read it."  She was all the way in Mosiah after only a couple of weeks so we were pretty stoked.  I felt like Ammon teaching king Lamoni or Aaron teaching Lamoni's father or something. 

So this past week I have been getting lots of really cool revelation as I've studied the scriptures and in particular as I've studied the saviors parables.  So this week I want to challenge everyone to read the parable of the laborours in the vineyard which is Matthew 20:1-16 and pray for revelation.  I have found at least 6 significant interpretations to this story that really made a difference in my life.  There is so much to learn from this parable and so many levels to the story.

From Mom: This picture makes me laugh.  With his old man glasses and Mr Rogers cardigan and super short buzz cut, he looks very old.  He's only 18!!!

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