Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 19 letters

To Dad:

Yeah Queenstown is definitely the furthest zone from Cape Town in the mission.  There are elders in Mthatha which is where Nelson Mandela was born and they are the farthest out.  It's like a 3 or 4 hour drive to get out there.  

My companion came in one transfer after me so he's almost the same as me on mission.  I've never had a companion older than me.  This is also the first time since I was with elder Greengrass that I've been a junior companion and I have to say it's been a weird couple of days.  It's going to be tough to try and follow my companion this transfer but I'm definitely sure that that's what the Lord wants me to learn.  As far as how I feel about leadership.  I definitely don't really care about it.  I've kind of felt like my whole mission that leadership is something I kind of already know so it's not something I need to learn as much, but now I am a zone leader and I feel like it's so that I can learn to follow hahaha.  But yeah it's not that big of a deal.  2 of my sons are in my zone Elder Reedy and Elder Khoza.  And Elder Mabanga might be transferred next transfer so I'm praying that he comes to Queenstown zone that would be so awesome to have all 3 of my sons in my zone with me. 

Man that tooth thing sounds awful.  the senior couple Elder Bell had to get 2 implants this week and the dentist messed it up and had to redo it like 4 times hahaha so at least you can be grateful to live in the place with the most dentists in the whole world hahaha.

All the chapels in the mission have a really nice piano imported from Utah that plays all the hymns by itself so I haven't played it yet, but for some reason they don't have one in this chapel so I played in church this Sunday for the first time and I'm going to be playing from now on.  I'm pretty excited about that. 

But yeah this area is going to be sweet I'll talk more about it in my letter to mom

To Mom:

crazy that American Idol started up again.  That's going to be crazy popular here they absolutely love American Idol.

My new area is Queenstown 2nd ward.  It's an awesome ward with a lot of faithful members who feed the missionaries a lot.  It's going to be amazing to serve here.  They don't have an automatic piano or a pianist so I'm going to be playing the piano which I'm excited about.  Queenstown gets really cold and it even snows.  It's been super cold since I've been here which is such a nice thing for me.  It got really really hot in King sometimes especially at night because there's no air conditioning. 

Elder Khoza is in this zone so it's been really sweet to chat with him a bit and catch up about some stuff.  He told me some crazy stuff from my old area.  Apparently the daughter of the G family that we baptized that side just started screaming randomly on Christmas day and then out of nowhere she gave birth.  She didn't even look pregnant at all everyone was way shocked about that.  I thought that was kind of funny.  But apparently everyone in Uitenhage is doing pretty well. 

There's a new greenie in our zone as well so I was able to talk to him a bunch on the way to Queenstown from East London which took like 3 hours with tons of delays.  But he's from Jamaica and he's a runner and apparently he's going to be in the olympics.  He's met Usaine Bolt like a bunch of times and he says he thinks he's going to win the gold medal when he gets done with mission.  He's only 18.  He's a really sweet guy I'm planning to buddy up to him like crazy so that when he wins gold in a few years I can have a claim to fame.

My new companion is Elder Allred.  He's a really loving guy.  He's a pretty big guy too he used to do the decathalon.  We're gonna have a sweet transfer and there's a lot of baptisms that we're hoping to have. 

My boys Jackson and Jan from Uitenhage both got their mission calls yesterday.  Jackson is going to Johannesburg and Jan is going to Madagascar so I was pretty stoked about that. 

Anyway everything is going great and I'll send a bunch of pictures next week when Elder Steffensen sends them to me

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