Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 11 letter to Mom

First of all, I have to clear something up.  I don't want to give the mistaken idea that I'm completely changed in my morning behaviors and that I'm perfect in that way.  I am doing really good in the mornings and I am always in a good mood when I wake up, but I've been that way for a while and I know that I'm liable to revert back to my old ways of struggling to wake up, although I won't revert to being in a bad mood in the morning.  But we did have a conversation about my strength in the morning and me giving advice on that thing to my companion and I thought that was really funny. 

As for my area.  Things have been a bit frustrating lately.  December is a really hard month in South Africa and every missionary will attest to that fact.  Our area really took a hit in December and it hasn't really recovered.  Also our progressing investigators who were supposed to be baptized we've done a bit of probing and found out they don't understand or believe in the restoration at all.  Now they haven't been to church for 2 weeks and I'm really worried we'll lose them.  So there hasn't been a ton going on lately but that doesn't mean the area is awful.

We had a fireside about missionary work on Sunday and it went really well.  We're going to have a huge event in April at the chapel that will hopefully get the area pumped full of investigators.  Also the bishop invited a couple to church and we've been teaching them.  They're so awesome and they're getting baptized for sure.  They will really be a huge help for the ward and we're really excited about them. 

As for me I got my transfer news and I'm leaving the area and going to Queenstown.  That's going to be sweet.  That's pretty much the last area of the mission that I haven't seen.  My new companion is Elder Alred.  I know him he's really cool and he's probably one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met.  He's from Mona Utah.  It's going to be a nice place to finish my mission so I'm really excited and I feel fired up.  I think this is going to be my best area of all.

I know I'm terrible about pictures.  I don't have a cord for my camera so it's hard for me to send pictures home.  I think I should buy one and then next week I'll try and send a lot of pictures home. 

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