Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 5 letters

To Dad:

On a side note I went out Tuesday morning to do some juggling (explanation from Mom - juggling a soccer ball, not clown-type juggling) in the courtyard.  It's like the first time I've really juggled on my whole mission.  So I got 100 the first time.  And then 50. and then 200 and I was thinking to myself dang I've lost my touch!  and then on my fourth try I got 3389, so I thought maybe I didn't lose it after all haha.

To Mom:

Thanks for sending that early release form filled out.  I don't think there's going to be any problem with that at all, President Lebethoa kind of intimated that it was just a matter of formality and that if he was satisfied that I should go home for school than the missionary department would have no problem with it.  There's a lot of guys in my transfer in the same boat as me.  Probably like 10 of us or something so I don't think anything weird is going to happen. 

Nana and Grandad are gone now.  They came, stayed, and went, all without me ever actually seeing it.  I'll never know if that was even real hahaha. 

Some few things happened this week that are worth telling about. 
First of all I backed into another car.  That's my first incident on mission.  My companion was out there backing me but I didn't even look at him hahaha it was way dumb.  But it wasn't a big accident at all so I guess I'm probably not going to lose my driving privileges.  

Secondly I was sick all week.  I had a bad fever and it was making my neck way stiff so I was rotating my whole body to look both ways at stop signs and stuff.  It was funny looking and my companion has been making fun of me all week.  I also had a big scare on Tuesday.  I had a bad pain near my groin and sister Davies said it might be a Hernea which if I needed surgery I'd have to go home.  I was way scared about that but it didn't go away it only got worse so on Friday I went to the doctor.  The doctor looked at it and then he asked if I have any weird sores on my leg.  I was like yeah here's one and I showed him.  He was like "Oh that's easy it's Tick bite fever" Apparently I got a tick bite and so it like targeted different glands on my leg and stuff and made them hurt a ton and it gave me a way bad fever hahahaha.  So that's like what I was struggling with this week.  But they gave me some pills and I ate them and now it's mostly gone away. 

I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with my companion on Thursday morning or something like that.  The gist of the conversation was that he felt like he had chains around his body when he wakes up in the morning that makes it so hard to wake up, and he's always way angry in the morning and in a super bad mood.  And then we were talking about how I always bounce right out of bed in the morning and am always super sunny and cheery and in a great mood.  And I was giving him advice about waking up in the morning and stuff hahahaha.  I thought you would just laugh and laugh if you heard that conversation.  


Anyway the area is not killing it right now.  We got let down by a ton of investigators on Sunday.  We're really frustrated but we're keeping up good courage and faith and stuff.  But we've planned a bunch of stuff with the ward that's going to get everyone stoked about doing missionary work.  That should be super awesome and get everyone hyped and make everything go better.  For now though we're just trying to do our best.  All of our investigators kind of got picked off by the Devil so that's really hard.  We're thinking of what we can do for a few of them to help them recommit themselves but out of all of our efforts in the past 4 months nothing has panned out. 
No problem though

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