Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30 letter

So this last week was a little frustrating for me.  We worked tirelessly all day every day to teach the gospel.  We had like 20 people who promised that rain or shine they'd be at church.  None of them came.  I was very frustrated.  I think we have about 5 investigators that are coming regularly right now but all the rest have yet to come.  Oh well I can't complain.  We still have some people that are really solid.

There's a sweet experience we had last week.  So in December I told you that we went Christmas caroling in East London and we handed out copies of the book of mormon and took details.  Well we had this referral that we got from that activity for a guy called D, but the problem was that D lives out in Unit P which is ages from the main part of our area.  So we tried to contact him a couple of times but he was at work and we didn't see him.  Well on Friday we finally found people at home at his house.  We knocked on the door and his wife was sitting on the couch with like 5 kids.  One of our main focuses is to find father led families so that was pretty sweet.  And I saw the Book of Mormon on the table there too.  So we said hi and introduced ourselves and then i asked her if she has the Book of Mormon and she said yeah it's right there.  And then I said does D read it?  And she said every single day. 

So then we made an appointment to meet with her and D the next night.  So then on Saturday night we came and we taught them the restoration and we brought the high priest group leader with us.  We barely got into the lesson when D said guys I want to be honest.  I'm a pastor and I have a degree in theology.  I was thinking oh great he's going to give us a bible sermon and then kick us out.  But no instead he said "I've been going from church to church searching for the truth and I'm very confused.  Why do all the churches disagree about things like baptism and oil and things like that?  And why do all these people that say they are men of God go out and drink and smoke?  I'm just very confused" And then that was the perfect question for us to teach him the whole lesson especially about the apostasy and the restoration.  At the end of the lesson he said.  I'm a lot more clear now.  I still have a lot to learn.  Starting on Monday I want you guys to come each and every day and teach me everything you know.  Unfortunately his wife was very tired during our appointment so she had been sleeping and she wasn't there for the lesson but when we met her the day before she was very receptive and I'm very confident that we have a wonderful father led family to teach now.  

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