Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6 letters

Letter to Dad:

I have 3 more weeks with Elder Reedy.  We had a very good companionship inventory last week and lately we've been having an easy time together.  Our district is really sweet too.  I've made some friendships that I think may last the rest of my life.

Something funny that happened last week.  In one of the other districts in our zone there is 4 missionaries.  2 driving elders and 2 walking elders.  Apparently they got in a fight last week and so Elder N who is the district leader and one of the walking elders called the APs and he said "I am no longer anyone's district leader.  Elder Heald is now my district leader" hahaha.  Then he came to our district meeting on Friday and he called the zone leaders and the zone leaders had to arrange for them to get rides every day for the next 3 or 4 days.  Haha it was kind of funny.  When the zone leaders came to take reports about our district I was just telling them about the elders in our district and then I started talking about the elders in the other district because they said they're in my district now hahaha.  But anyway I think the president called and sorted everything out about that. 

Letter to Mom:

So this week was the worst week for missionary work that we've had in a while.  We didn't have very many people to teach and all of our investigators were dropping us or not keeping their commitments.  We ended up dropping like 20 or 30 investigators.  It was kind of frustrating.  Our teaching pool is very small now.  This Wednesday we're going on splits and Elder Reedy is going to take the car and teach all of our appointments, and I am going to walk and just tract for probably 9 hours to try and get a whole new teaching pool started.

We taught D again and his family.  It was a very powerful lesson again.  In fact he asked us for a Xhosa Book of Mormon so he can have family scripture study with his kids who speak limited English.  It was very frustrating on Sunday because despite everything he didn't come to church.  We had scheduled an appointment with his family for 8 o clock but when we went out there to see them and find out why they didn't come, we found out that they were at church.  Not our church though.  This was very frustrating for me.  I guess we'll work on them for next week. 

In fact this Sunday was rough because it rained.  So we had very low attendance.  we only had 3 investigators at sacrament meeting that we actually teach.  There were a few more there but they weren't our investigators and they were supposed to go to the other ward. 

We taught this other guy this week called L.  He actually flagged us down while we were driving and said "Come visit me.  I have the blue bible.  The other missionaries were going to visit me but I moved out here."  We were like sweet let's go see this guy.  So we went to his house to teach him and he ended up just talking to us for about 45 minutes about the weirdest stuff.  He was like "I worship my ancestors, but when I do the ceremonies I pray and Jesus gives me power so that I can pray to them"  A lot of false doctrine haha.  He was really giving a speech and I was trying not to fall asleep.  Finally he slowed down enough for us to come in and tell him we'll come back another day.  We went back a few days later and taught him the restoration.  He actually listened enough for us to teach the full lesson.  At the end of the lesson my companion asked this specific question: "Will you pray about this message."  Immediately he launched into a 45 minute speech which had absolutely nothing to do with the lesson and where he shared the exact same false doctrine.  He said some really funny things though.  He was like "When I work out I need to have faith that I'll get buff.  That's why I'm so big because I have so much faith that I'll get big.  The other people that work out they don't get big because they don't have faith.  But I have so much faith so I get ripped"   Haha it was really funny I was trying to be serious but our fellowshipper A started laughing and I had to try and make it seem like he was laughing about something else hahaha. 

On Saturday the zone leaders arranged a soccer match against the members.  They got permission from cape town and the senior couple came out to watch.  It was pretty fun.  We played 11 on 11 with a full field and nets and we even had a ref.  Unfortunately most of our team is not very good and we lost 5-2.  But it was really fun.  It reinforced in me the desire to try and play at college when I get home. 

Love you Momma :)

Also I attached a picture of a missionary from Mozambique.  I wonder if Daniel recognizes him.  His name is Elder Parafino.

The other picture is me and Jackie.  He's one we baptized last year.  He's been doing so good.  He fellowships with us almost every day and his testimony is just growing and growing. 

All of the elders in our district bought trench coats to prepare for the winter which is going to be pretty cold.  They cost about 5 dollars.  I attached a picture of mine :)

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