Friday, January 20, 2017

January 16 letter to Mom

So lately we've just been getting sackloads of DAs.  I think we are going on 7 days straight with a DA.  It's very nice because they always feed us vegetables and stuff so it's more variety than I would probably cook for myself.  

On Tuesday we had interviews with the Mission President.  He didn't give a training or anything he just came out to do interviews and stuff.  It was a very short interview so not that exciting but he did tell me that I'm going to be the district leader for our district this transfer which is cool.  

There was a worldwide change in mission schedule on Tuesday which was pretty nuts.  Instead of having set times to do everything now we get leeway to do them whenever we want.  It used to be personal study from 8 to 9 and comp study from 9 to 10.  Now we plan in the morning instead of at night.  So from 6:30 to 10 all we do is plan for 30 minutes and study for an hour and we are free to exercise and cook for the rest of the time.  It's very nice because I can exercise and cook in the morning and then shower and still feel like I'm being exactly obedient.  I feel like it's very inspired.  Than after 10 we do comp study for 30 minutes and proselyte for the rest of the day.  It opens up the day a lot so I really like it. 

We had some nice lessons this week.  We've been teaching a lot of lessons and getting a lot of people on baptismal date.  We were in the road one day contacting a referral when this little 5 year old girl ran up to us and she was like "You have to come see my coloring book!"  And we were kind of laughing about it so we said ok.  And then she like skipped to her house and we followed her and then when we got there she introduced us to her mom and we talked to her for a little bit while she colored, and we ended up teaching the whole restoration to her.  And anyway we invited her to pray about it and she did and then she came to church and she told us her prayers had been answered and that she and her son who is 15 want to be baptized.  It was very nice. 

This week our zone is getting destroyed.  My whole mission my zone leaders have been Elder Muller and Elder Jigu, but Elder Muller is going home this week so we're getting a new zl.  Also there's a new elder coming to our district and our district leader is leaving.  In total I think there is going to be 7 new elders in our zone which is half the zone.  It will be kind of crazy.  Especially since my transfer buddies are moving on without me, so I'll be the only one in my mtc group here. 

This Saturday we have a baptism.  We are baptizing X who is probably my favorite investigator that I've ever taught.  We are also going to baptize a 9 year old kid who's parents went less active a little bit while he was 8.  It should be a very nice baptism and I'm very excited especially for X.  He is 17 so we have been trying to prepare him for mission a little bit.  One step at a time though.  He's a really sweet guy. 

Lately I've been missing home just a little bit more than usual I don't know why.  I love you guys

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