Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jan 22 letters

I got my package this week.  I loved it so much it was awesome.  The pictures were so amazing and I really liked the letter from all my friends.  It was really nice to hear them all bear their testimony about how they gained a strong testimony on mission. The books were so amazing I love them and for sure I'm going to study them.  Also all the candy was great I gave a lot of it to Elder Reynolds and he liked it too.  And the notes from the primary kids were really cute I liked them a lot. 

The article ( is really true. When I got transferred to Cape Town which should have been about a year ago we were told that there was only 90 days of water left.  And it only rained twice in the whole 2 and a half transfers I was there, that I can remember.  But it's only got worse and apparently the missionaries in Cape Town have crazy restrictions on water and stuff.  I hope I don't go there.  It rains so much in King Williams Town.  Elder Reynolds says it rains more than it does in England.  So we don't have to worry about the drought over here, but I wouldn't be surprised to see all the missionaries evacuated to the Eastern Cape for a time. 

This week was Zone Conference week so for us we lost basically 2 days since we also have to drive down the day before for interviews with the Mission President.  It was a nice interview and a nice Zone Conference, but it wasn't really life changing like the last one for me where we learned about budgeting.  But yeah it was a nice Zone Conference that's all I can say.  

We were able to teach some new people this week and we found 2 more father led families.  The amount of father led families we're finding is just crazy.  And some people who are really exciting.  At least if we could baptize one of them it would be a huge strength to the ward.  Next week is ward conference so me and my companion are going to be singing in the choir.  It makes me think of when I was 10 and I volunteered to sing in the choir and then you or dad said I should wait until I was 12 and then by the time I was 12 I never had the desire to sing in the choir again.  But now my desire to sing is back. 

The week after next is stake conference again.  It was so recently that we've had stake conference.  That's exciting though. 

Lately I've been teaching myself to play the Organ which obviously is basically the same as the piano but I really love to play the Organ a lot.  It's so awesome. 

This should be my last full week with Elder Reynolds as he'll most likely be leaving the area next week Wednesday.  We've really gotten along great so I'm going to miss him.  It sucks too because we haven't had any baptisms together at all and we've scheduled 6 for two weeks after he'll probably leave.  

Everyone is saying I'm going to train again.  This is the longest I've gone without training which is 2 transfers.  I don't know how I would feel about that but I don't think it's very likely that I will.  We'll find out on Saturday though. 

We had an investigator, A, who was supposed to be baptized last year but she moved to Peddie.  We knew she was coming back in January but we misplaced her number and had absolutely no way to get in contact with her.  We were praying that somehow the Lord would put her in our path so we could recontact her.  She is supposed to be baptized on February 11.  Well she came to church yesterday.  She's so committed she came the first week she was back.  I was really relieved that the holiday hadn't shaken her testimony or something.  She was reading the Book of Mormon over the holiday and she came to sing in the choir after church.  Really sweet so for sure I think she'll get baptized. 

Otherwise things have been pretty basic here but finally they're really starting to look up

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