Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 29 letter

When I said I'm learning the organ I suppose I was a little bit hasty.  I just meant that I'm using the organ at the church and learning to make it sound nice without the pedal, but I'm not using my feet to play all sorts of crazy bass lines or something.  In fact the organ here can't do that.  But the organs are cool they actually have all the hymns programmed in so that in any given ward they can sing the hymns with the organ even if there's no organist. 

This week has been a great last week with Elder Reynolds.  We were teaching and having some sweet experiences. It's been a wonderful 2 transfers together.  So far we have won 18 games in the street against the township kids and lost 0.  Every time we play them we get out of the car and ask to play, they all get excited because they think white people suck at soccer and they're going to smash us, then we play and we smash them and all the kids lined up on the side of the road watching get so excited and yell and shout, and then we give them pass along cards and tell them to come to church and we leave feeling cool.  As I said our record is 18-0 we are hoping to win another 2 matches in the remaining 2 days we have together. 

Transfer news has come and my new companion is Elder Steffensen.  I was actually feeling a bit lonely in my current zone and I prayed that the Lord would send me one of my friends to be in my zone.  I mentioned 4 people to the Lord by name and Elder Steffensen was one of them and now he's my companion so that's just awesome. I'm really really excited to serve with him.  We're going to smash it. 

As for Elder Reynolds he's going to Mthatha to be with Elder Kruse.  We've been talking about him going to Mthatha to be with Elder Kruse the whole transfer so it was just insane that he really is going to exactly there with exactly him. 

We've been finding golden families lately so I'm excited to teach them and baptize them with Elder Steffenesen. 

***Adam did emails early this week, so I happened to be awake and had a little real time chat, which rarely happens.  He mentioned that no one writes to him except Colin and me, so that made me sad. He said Elder Steffensen is 2 transfers younger than him and that he is the one with him on the elephant in the elephant pictures.   Also:

Me: I don't know about your apartment there.  Are you with other missionaries or just your comp?  
Elder Heald: no it's just us 2 out in King Williams Town we drive a lot every week we drive 40 minutes down to East London and 40 minutes back twice
Me: To meet with your district, you mean?  Do you have a branch in King Williams or do you have to go there for church?
EH: yeah we have a ward in King but we go down for district meeting and for P Days and we end up driving there a lot for different errands and stuff.  Not to mention my companion doesn't drive and my new companion doesn't drive either
Me: Where is your new comp from?
EH: Utah Salt Lake City or close to that I think?
Me: And he doesn’t drive?  That’s surprising.
EH: he got in a big accident so he doesn't drive on mission anymore

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