Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8 letters

(Adam didn't write last week because all the internet shops were closed.  He just wrote one sentence saying the shops were closed.)

To Mom:

Here is a picture of my hair mom I really like it but I'm not going to keep it I am growing it back
Yeah so a cool story from the week.  On Monday I had this prompting from the spirit to go through all of President Monson's conference talks.  So I started reading a lot of them from all the Liahonas lying around our flat, and reading lots of stories about him and just getting to know who he was more and more.  Then a few days later we heard that he passed away.  Of course he will be missed.  
I think they're going to publish a story that I sent in to the Liahona on so you can check that out if you want

That's cool that Sister Green was asking about me and Elder Ivins.  I'm actually chatting with him right now on emails.  It would be so unfair if we went the whole 2 years without serving around each other at all.  Most of the guys in my transfer have served around everyone else in our transfer.  But I still haven't even seen 3 of them.  I'm sure though that at some point me and Elder Ivins will be together.

First of all things finally, finally started picking back up again!  It was such a long long December.  It wasn't back to normal but we did manage to get 15 member present lessons in the week so it's looking a bit better.  A lot of our investigators are still gone though and it's starting to be frustrating.  They were supposed to be baptized in the beginning of December and now we're looking at February 11 or 18 for them. 

We did find some sweet people though and even started teaching 3 new father led families.  We've got a lot of potential but it's taking forever to actualize any of it.  

To make everything so much worse, just when things were starting to look up, we lost the car.  I lost my license and now I can't drive until I get a new one which is going to come from Utah and it's going to take forever.  Our area is way too huge to be walking in, but we're going to be walking anyway.  We walked Saturday and Sunday and I have to say it was hard.  I don't know how Daniel did it for 2 whole years.  We've had to cut off about 80% of our area which means automatically we've had to drop 7 father led families we were teaching.  I don't know for how long, but at least it will help us focus all our efforts on a small area so we can at least teach those people all the lessons and hopefully have some baptisms. 

Otherwise things are flying by.  I'll see you soon.

I (Donell/Mom) received the following communication later on in the morning from one of the missionary couples' email addresses:

Hi mom it's me Elder Heald I have a few questions are you online? (I wasn't, but responded about 45 minutes later when I woke up).  

Next email: First of all do you think you could go to the DMV and see if you can't get a copy of my drivers license so you can send it to me?  We had some great news today we actually made a certified copy of my drivers license that I can use to drive but I still want the hard copy.

My response: Okay

Sister Davies' response: Will get all these replies on to Elder Heald. They have gone on to p Day activities but I will phone him. He is a great young man and dedicated to the work he has been called to. It is our privilege to know him  Thanks Sr. Davies 

Then: Elder Heald just called me asked that I please get a message to you. After checking with the mission office it has been determined that the certified copy of his drivers license will not be adequate. Would you please check to see if you could get a real license. If you could let me know I will forward any messages.
Thank you for your time. Sr. Ursula Davies  

My response: I will go there today, but the mail time is so slow to get the actual license and then to send it to him.  I’ll ask if they have any thoughts on getting it there faster.

Sister Davies' response: We have had a miracle. Elder Heald was calling me when I went to tell him your answer. He has found his real drivers license so all is well.
The Lord does watch over us here. Best wishes.

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