Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 15 letter

Yeah Elder and Sister Davies are the senior couple for our zone.  Sister Davies is the mission nurse so that's what she mostly does but aside from that she also makes us food every Monday and brings treats to district meeting every Friday and spoils us all the time.  She is so nice.  Even last week she saw Elder Reynolds broken shoes and gave him 1000 Rands right there on the spot to buy another pair. 

Anyway I did have a little miracle with my license.  I was looking for it all over the place and I came to the conclusion that I lost it all the way back in Cape Town.  So I was sure it was long long gone.  Anyway I decided the only place it could be was in my suit case (even though of course I checked that thing a million times) But I put the suitcase there on my bed and I prayed and I said "I don't think my license is in there.  But I know that all things are possible to him that believes and I believe"  
And then I opened up my suitcase and there it was practically glowing right in the middle of my suitcase.  And then I was just so happy because it was going to destroy our area if we didn't find it. 

This week was OK.  2 of our father led families dropped us.  They weren't really understanding the message but I was disappointed to lose them.  But at least we found 3 new father led families to replace the ones we lost.  Still we only had 1 investigator at church.  All the rest of our investigators who left for December are coming back tomorrow.  Then everything should be good again.  The work has been a bit slow for a long time because of the Holiday season so I'm really looking forward to doing good again.

This week is Zone Conference and Interviews and then next week is the last week of the transfer.  These 2 transfers with Elder Reynolds have just flown by.  Probably because we just really get along but he's going to leave I'm sure at the end of next week.  This week we won our 15th straight match against the street boys which makes us 15 and 0.  These boys were really good and they were using an interesting ball we weren't used to so we nearly lost, but in the end we scored 4 quick goals and won 6-3 hahaha.  Our goal is to go 20 and 0 by the end of the transfer.

I'm also getting way excited about this world wide live message from President Nelson.  Whatever he's going to say it's going to be sweet.  

Anyway things are going on great and fine and stuff .

Adam's article that he mentioned in his letter last week has now been published.  

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