Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27 letters

To Dad:

Yeah I'm getting transferred to Langa which is in Cape Town.  I'm really excited actually.  I'm going with an African companion but I can't remember his name or spell it.  But yeah I am excited to go to Cape Town because it's supposed to be like a completely different mission but I guess we'll see. 

To Mom:

About W.  I'm really sad that his grannie wouldn't let him be baptized.  He was really upset about it.  In fact he missed 2 Sundays in a row now and I'm really worried about him.  The other day we were at his house and he has a little sister who just really loves me so much.  She's 5 years old.  And we were sitting on the couch watching a movie about temples and she came and sat by me and she hugged me and then turned to me and she said "You're my daddy"  I felt so sad.  I love that girl. 

Our baptism with L went really well though.  That guy is sweet.  He faithfully attends seminary and he never misses church.  He's just a really awesome guy.  

This week our car died.  In our flat we have 2 sets of missionaries and 3 cars between us.  We each have a car, and there's a spare.  Unfortunately all 3 cars died last week so we are basically stranded.  
Because of that I didn't bring my camera today so I'll send lots of pictures next week. 

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