Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6 letter to Mom

So yeah my new area is Langa which is in Cape Town.  the area is the most fruitful in all of the Cape Town areas so I'm super excited about that.  My new zone leaders are Elder Hernandez and Elder Payne.  Elder Payne is going home at the end of this transfer so he decided to make a goal for our zone to get 40 baptisms this transfer and 20 baptisms in Langa.  The only missionaries in Langa are us and the zone leaders so that means we need to get 10 baptisms this transfer.  That's a pretty high goal so me and my companion have been fasting and praying all week to ask for help.  I have already seen several miracles as a result of this.  

My new companion is Elder Monoalibe.  He is from Johannesburg.  He's awesome I like him a lot.  Me and him get along really well.  He is a super good missionary and he's super obedient.  He has been on mission for 4 and a half months now but I don't really feel like the senior companion or anything.  Also he really likes to run so we wake up every morning at 6:30 and we go running.  I'm very glad because I'm losing all of my fat rolls.  It sucks though because there are no weights in the new apartment where I'm staying so I am no longer getting yacked :(  very sad. 

To answer your questions.  Nobody has asked me for money yet or anything like that.  I don't know I think South Africa is a much more first world country than anywhere in South America so I have a different experience from my friends there.  Mom the toilets and the beds and everything here are the same as they are in America hahaha.  This is a first world country so everything is the same hahaha.  The stuff isn't as good as my bed certainly or my stuff, but it's about the same as a mediocre hotel.

Cape Town is sweet.  It's really cool to wake up every day and see Table Mountain and Devils peek in the distance.  It's a way cool city.  Also they have dominos pizza and subway and pizza hut so I'm way stoked about that.  I ate dominos on the first day.  I was very excited.  

Something funny now is that the APs are in my district so I am the district leader for the zone leaders and the APs hahaha.  

We have had a couple of really sweet experiences already here in Langa

 First of all there's a kid here named M who just moved in because he's going to school here.  He is a member but he's living with his aunt who is not.  We started teaching his aunt and she is the nicest lady.  We taught her about the book of mormon and asked her to pray and ask specifically if it was true.  We went back the next day and she said she had a very special experience while she was praying and that she is super happy and excited to get baptized on April 9th. 

We also taught a family called the M family.  We decided to teach them the Word of Wisdom and then commit them all to baptism.  It seemed kind of random but it was absolutely perfect.  The dad started telling us about how he smokes weed and pretty much breaks the word of wisdom in every way possible.  By the end of the lesson they both committed to fast and pray to try and live the word of wisdom and also to be baptized on April 9th.

So far it's been way sweet I'm super excited to be here. 

Oh by the way I have a million pictures to send but I don't have any way to get them from my camera to the computer so please stand by

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