Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12 letters

To Dad:

I haven't played very much soccer on mission.  At the start we did kind of but I have only played soccer for 2 p days.  I am definitely getting more and more out of shape because there is nobody that can run with me and there's not really anything I can do on my own to do cardio.  I really am working out pretty hard every morning though so maybe by the end of two years I should look pretty good. 

To Mom:

The zone got wrecked this last transfer.  Before we had Elder Mei and Elder Nkosi who were training Elder Kraftner and Elder Andracek, but they both left this transfer and we got Elder Ndirya and Elder Bowers instead.  I was super happy about our zone before so now I'm not too stoked about it but hopefully we can all be good buddies.  We have the same zone leaders for 3 transfers in a row now which is crazy but it's because Elder Muller is going home at the end of this transfer.   Then Elder Greengrass left to become a Zone Leader in Kwa Nobuhle and so now I have Elder Reedy.

As far as Elder Reedy goes:  He is 6 foot 3 with blond hair.  He said he really likes math and physics and I think he's pretty good at singing although I haven't heard him.  Also he was the captain of the volleyball team in England so I think he's pretty good at that as well.  He said he was born in California but moved away when he was 3 and went to Scotland.  He lived there for like 6 years or something and then moved to Angola which is pretty insane.  And then he moved to England for High School and stayed there until he graduated and then he moved out to Utah on his own for a couple months until he came on mission.  Also he's a bit older than me, he just turned 19 last Sunday.
Training him is not going to be a struggle.  Teaching him how to cook for himself and take care of himself won't really be hard because he already lived by himself for a while.  And teaching him how to teach lessons shouldn't be too hard either because I've pretty much got it down.  Yeah I'm not really worried about it so don't worry about me.

This week was a pretty cool week.  In December everyone leaves Mdantsane and goes and lives somewhere else for the month which is really weird.  The problem is a lot of our strong investigators have left and so we haven't really had too many people to teach.  What we did this week is we just street contacted like crazy and got tons of new people to teach.  We actually got 19 new investigators this week and I think maybe 3 or 4 of them are very strong and will progress to baptism which is really sweet.  

We have a really awesome investigator called X.  He is a 16 year old boy who lives across the street from our recent convert A.  Actually A referred us to him.  Every time we taught him the spirit has been so powerful in the room.  The last time I taught him with Elder Greengrass he said he had been having a hard time feeling close to God and then we taught him the plan of salvation and the spirit just manifested itself to us or something.  It was so powerful and we asked him if he could feel it and he said yeah for sure and he felt way closer to God already.  Anyway we gave him a book of Mormon and he's been reading it and praying and there is no doubt that he'll be baptized.  Also he will go on a mission and for sure he will hold callings in the church when he gets back.  I'm very excited about him.

Next week the President is coming and giving a training and interviewing everyone and also the APs are giving a training and there's going to be a big party and stuff so it should be really cool. 

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