Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 19 letters

To Mom

Other than interviews, we had zone conference this week.  It was pretty basic.  Just a nice zone conference as usual.  Overall it was a pretty slow week.  Zone conference week is always really slow.  But we focused on getting investigators to church and we had 16 investigators there which we were pleased about although a lot of people let us down.  We also had 1 baptism of a 10 year old kid named N.  Actually his full name is N Nephi M which is pretty sweet.  His dad baptized him. 
I'm not sure if there's anything else too exciting to share, but I got some pictures to send and I'll hopefully have more next week which is like the first time in months.  Sorry!

Yeah I feel a lot of excitement for my next area.  My next area will be my last area and I just know that I'm going to smash it so hard there.  It's going to be on fire.  What I'm kind of struggling with is to get that much excitement for my current area right now.  Especially since there's a good chance I might have another transfer here.

But Mission is great and the church is true!

From the Mission President on Feb 13:

We know that you’ve probably heard about the water crisis here in Cape Town and are concerned for the health and safety of your missionary.   We want to reassure you that all is in place to care for our missionaries.

Plans are in place for our missionaries to be able to collect their water at the Mission Office and at specified chapels.  We have received large storage tanks to store water here at the Mission Office.  We have a guaranteed supply of water to fill our tanks.  This water will be for washing and other such uses.  It will not be potable water.  In addition we will be getting shipments of large bottles of drinking water for our missionaries to drink.  We will also be receiving water purification tablets and hand sanitizers.  We want you to be assured that everything is being done for the health and safety for our missionaries.  All missionary flats have a 72 hour kit, a lantern and bottled water in case they are confined to their flats for any reason.

We petition the Lord daily not only for rain, but the abilities that we need to deal with this situation.  We pray for the city planners that they will be guided in their massive effort to supply water to this parched city.  We recognize our dependence on our Heavenly Father not only for physical water, but the Living Water of Jesus Christ.  Please join us in those prayers.

President Lebethoa

South Africa Cape Town Mission

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