Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 6 letter from the MTC

So... you know how I have a camera?  Well the battery is dead and I don't have a charger for it so oh well.  I haven't taken a single picture.  don't kill me please.  

We got transferred last Thursday and Elder Ivins is my new companion.  I absolutely love him.  He's so funny and we just laugh and laugh all day.  When President announced the new companionships he said Elder Ivins and Elder Heald and everyone started cheering or something it was super funny.  But yeah we are having the funnest time ever.  We got put in a room by ourselves and we just sit in there and laugh all night.  Last night we decided to start working out and so we did about 5 pushups and then we  just laughed at ourselves.  We sat there laughing for probably 10 minutes and then we did around 10 more.  We did like 40 pushups probably and it took us about 45 minutes.  Also Elder Ivins is teaching me how to yoyo.  I keep telling him he's way lame for yoyoing but we still do it every night and I love it.  

We teach 2 investigators every day but they're just our teachers.  I love them all.  One of them is brother Wentcel and I love him.  I feel like if he lived in Utah we'd be best friends.  But we go to class all day and it's kind of boring sometimes but I love it.  

We went to the Johannesburg temple last Wednesday.  It was really cool.  On the way home our teacher Brother Wentcel took us to McDonalds but we didn't tell anyone but it was the happiest I've been.  Also last night we sang all 9 verses of follow the prophet and it was lit.  It was so funny but it was the funnest thing we've done so far.  I definitely got way lucky with companions.  The 2 coolest guys here have been my companions.   
Love you

see you in 2 years

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