Monday, September 5, 2016

First letter from the MTC on August 30

So I love the MTC.  Honestly it's so dope.  The food is so good.  I eat 2 apples and 2 oranges every day.  They have no food for snacking ever but they feed us 3 good meals a day and they are always pretty good.  There is only 29 of us here and so I know everyone pretty good.  There's 8 people in my district and we're all getting pretty tight.  Elder Ivins is in my district.  He's super dope. He's actually the Zone Leader.  He's a lot like me so I like him a lot.  My companion is Elder Ondracek and I love him too.  The first 2 days when we didn't have a companion I was thinking I hope I'm companions with him because I thought he was way dope and then I got assigned as his companion so it was great.  We play soccer like every day so that's a lot of fun and I've been playing chess a bunch against this British guy named Elder Byrom.  He's way dope too and he's going to BYU.  I can't believe I took Daniels suit.  I thought it seemed a little big.  I was wondering why it said Kenneth Cole Awearness on it.  I was actually thinking to myself "I didn't think Kenneth Cole made garbage suits like this hahaha.  Yeah I'll definitely send it home with whoever is going to Utah that I meet.  Anyway yeah it's super easy here I like it a lot. 
Love you 


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