Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24 letters

To Dad:

My new companion is the best.  I love him so much.  Me and him are really good friends.  I don't think we will ever have any contention in our companionship for sure.  But yeah he's not really a new convert.  He was baptized 7 years ago.  He  doesn't know his scriptures too well, but he's really humble and he's working on it and we're having lots of really great spiritual experiences.

To Mom:

So this week was one of my favorite weeks on mission so far. It was just really awesome.  Me and Elder Mabanga are so good of friends which is like the best thing ever.  I never have to pray for my relationship with my companion, or think about it at all.  It's so amazing it's like the best thing ever.  We laugh a lot and have the best time.  We have also been having so many spiritual experiences.  

We found the best investigators this week.  We met a guy named N on Wednesday.  He's in his 30s and we taught him the Restoration on the road.  Then we brought him the Book of Mormon the next day and he told us that he's married and has 3 kids.  On Friday we came back and taught him and his wife T the Restoration.  They both came to church on Sunday and they loved it so much.  They kept talking about how excited they were and how they were for sure going to go back next week.  We gave them a baptismal date and they are way excited to be baptized on May 28.

Yesterday we had our first baptism in Langa.  a young woman name E.  I wasn't sure how ready E was spiritually, but she comes to church every week and she has lots of friends at church who take care of her.  Ultimately there was nothing that stopped her from being baptized.  The baptism, though, was really perfect.  The spirit was so strong and E really felt good afterwards.  You could really tell, she was just glowing.  She shared her testimony and it was really genuine.

Last week S failed her baptismal interview because she is still struggling to quit smoking.  We saw her every day last week and had so many spiritual experiences.  She is doing absolutely amazing.  She's now in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon which is awesome.  She also read a couple other books that I gave her to borrow.  She's really doing awesome.  On Saturday we fasted with her starting at 3.  On Sunday it was her daughters birthday so we brought her a cake and watched the Restoration movie.  E was even there which was sweet and the spirit in that room was so amazing.  Everyone was crying and stuff and talking about how grateful they are for the gospel and how much they love Joseph Smith.  It was really nice.

Mission has been really great to me lately.  I'm just starting to be friends with the members in Langa and now I'm really excited to stay.  The first couple weeks I was feeling like I just missed Mdantsane, because I loved Mdantsane, but now I feel fully committed to Langa and I'm super excited to see some of these baptisms come to fruition. 

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